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NEW DEBIT SYSTEM! Debit Winwin Coin!
NEW DEBIT SYSTEM! Debit Winwin Coin!

By this simple and easy method are you able to make exchange
from coupons to THC coin, with transaction fee of 10% charged.

HOW TO USE Debit Winwin Coin
Visit our website www.gamerextreme.la > Debit Winwin Coin menu
or enter app > Me menu > Exchange
For first login, require to activate to be MID and
verify your identity on WinWin Coin website first.
Activate MID: HERE
WinWin Coin Website: HERE 

How to exchange to coupon to THC coin.
Enter your coupon amount that you would like to exchange.
(1 transaction per day)
1. The coupon amount you would like to exchange
(Spec. amount between 10,000 – 1,000,000 coupons/ per transaction)
2. Charged by 10% transaction fee.
3. Calculated THC coins by provided coupon amount.
4. Total THC coins receiving.
5. Provide the specified code.
6. Tap “Confirm” for bringing to provided details control.

7. Tap ‘Confirm’ to make transaction.

For checking of your THC details at Winwin Coin

- To available for convert require top up at least 30,000 coupons.
- Withdrawable 1 time / day
- NUMBER OF COUPONS TO WITHDRAW (Exchanging amount per time 10,000 - 10,000,000 coupon)
- Fee deduction 10%

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