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Gamer Extreme all games here, battle with your friends
Gamer Extreme all games here, battle with your friends

Gamer Extreme, application that include your favorite games for battle! For increase the excitement will need Coupons or Silver for bet and players can invite friends or challenge friends to join together. Being No.1 of the game by invite others player.

Practice the game with your friends by using Energy for join. Every 10 minutes will receive more Energy and will be able to buy more and watch ads for free. In PRACTICE mode system will random the participant, if player win, will receive rewards as Silver coins for join in FRIENDLY mode and compete in Arena.

1vs1 Mode
In this mode will have to bet by Coupons and random player for compete. Player can choose the bet level by bet more coupons will receive more rewards!

For FRIENDLY mode, will random the competitor and player require to bet only by Silver coins. Choose your level for bet, for receive more reward you have to bet more.

PK Mode
MOST POPULAR MODE “PK”, choose your own competitor, game and level of bet by yourself. For bet on PK mode we require for coupons. You can challenge your friends and also top score on each game for the match!

Arena, battle for rewards and trophy
Arena system always welcome for all competitors for each round will mentioned the games and number of coupons, Silver coins and rewards for join. All competitors will have a chance for huge prizes and compare point with others.

Top Score, ranking of master!
We have history of games for record high score player here and others can find new friends or easy for challenge. The ranking will separate 3 types as Daily, Weekly and Monthly.


Bonus Reward Consecutively
For own Coupons or Silver coins top up is not the only way for own it, just do daily login and player will possible to receive free Coupons or Silver coins. For daily we have 1. Check-in 2. Lucky spin both of these will possible to do and receive at the same day.



Bubble Bomb, super lovely game! We have various of function for help player to not easy for GAME OVER and being top score of the game!! For being on high ranking you need the precision and agility!!

Mole Battle
or you might know in “MOLE HIT”, our cute mole will dare your accuracy and agility of each person. Each mole will have different points, so keep watching and choose the best mole because you have limit of time.

Fusion Fruit, 
mix the fruit from the smallest to the biggest. You have to plan for being top on the ranking!

Circle Ring
, game that suit with players who love to planning and calculations, if you do the great job you will be on the top of our ranking for sure!

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